Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Project betterment

I am back!

I was first introduced to the blog-world by my Norwegian teacher, Ingunn Wiig. It was a project to improve the class´ Norwegian written skills. I loved the concept of blogging, and enjoyed it to the fullest. Then when the year ended, so did my blog.

But I am back now.

I have decided to work on my English vocabulary and writing skills – project amelioration. My target is to publish minimum two articles every week until the 1st of May. It is on the Labour Day I have decided to terminate this project. So, 193 days to go, 27.57 weeks to look forward to and 55.1 articles to publish.

Yeah, I am back. 


Elizabeth said...

Wohoo!:-D Kult Rishab!
MEN, du må åpne kommentarfeltet slik at jeg kan kommentere med navn/webside ellers funker det dårlig.. ;p

Ingunn said...

Wow! This is great! I'll subscribe to this blog immedeately, and I'm looking forward to read all your posts:)