Monday, November 2, 2009

When will we take an action?

We human beings often tend to talk about changes. Changes that would hopefully make a positive difference to the world. Differences that would give us a satisfaction of living. A satisfaction that many of us long for. But do we ever stop to wonder why:

1)… condoms in Norway cost around 100 NOK for a pack of ten? Do we query about the actuality that birth controls are so expensive could coherence with the fact Norway having a pronatalisim policy – an ideology promoting childbearing. Hence leading to my point that condoms cost 100 NOK for a pack of ten! Why don’t we, as citizens of this country, stop and question the authorities just for a moment, rather than streaming with the flow?

2)… the public transportation is so expensive considered the global environmental challenges we are facing today? Isn’t the Norwegian government promoting the use of public transportation? Are the political leaders being excellent examples to follow by driving cars and not utilizing any form for public transportation in their daily lives?

3)… people up north are much colder, angrier and non-friendly compared to the population around the equatorial regions? Isn’t it ironic that people living in the north travel all the way south to get a tan but never really learn the hospitality or the warmth given there? Is it not paradoxical when people really want to change but they never try?

We human beings often tend to only talk


khushi said...

Rishab I disaree with you that people really want to change but they never try !! I think people do change with time. Time means experience and circumstances. you should never judge a person .

Elizabeth said...

Først: TUSENTAKK for fine ord på bloggen min:-D Det var veldig koselig å høre!

Og for det andre: Jeg liker innleggene dine kjempe godt! Og jeg kunne ikke vært mer enig med deg når det gjelder de tre tingene her :p
Jeg kjenner meg veldig godt igjen i det at jeg sier at jeg skal endre meg hele tiden, men jeg gjør det jo aldri x)