Sunday, February 28, 2010

I think I am addicted.

Relax! It is only knowledge I am addicted to! Could that be dangerous, by the way?

I have lately felt the urge to learn something new all the time. My eager towards knowledge has suddenly and rapidly increased leaving me behind restless craving to read, see and listen to something new, something factual, something I didn’t know or even think about before. It is as if the more I learn, the greedier I feel. Hence, I feel addicted to knowledge.

Looking on the other side of the bank the more I read and the more I understand, the guiltier I feel. I realise that life is like an hourglass. We have so little time to do. Thinking about this gives me a headache, a severe headache as a matter of fact. I believe that with knowledge comes great power and with power comes great responsibility. I am 18 years old, and what have I accomplished in life? If I die tomorrow, how will people remember me? What difference has my presence made? In addition, learning and gaining so much of knowledge makes me angry. My face turns red with rage learning about the injustice and justice in our so called “modern times”.

I do want to study and educate myself. I truly feel addicted. But pardon my attitude, I just got another headache.

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