Friday, February 5, 2010


Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about others with spiced up details, often not known whether confirmed or not.

Welcome to the world of gossiping. It is over here lips joggle and words rumble continuously till breath no longer can provide life.

Red lips, high heels, straightened back, raised neck, sharpened eyes and a fast walk.

Polished shoes, gelled hair, short comments, quick glances, over-collared shirts, branded watches and scented bodies.

Did you think these were the stereotypes or the prototypes?

No, these could either be the victims or the adherents of gossiping, or simply the ones who bother being neither of them.

The stereotypes are you and I.

But you know you love gossiping and you know you are one of Them.  

Welcome to the world of gossiping, where your words tremble and your lips fumble.

Yours forever. 

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